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Leadership and the stuff shaking this acad down...

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Like a fellow member said: "we want voting not totalitarian admins".

An academy is supposed to be where people support each and learn together and not the trash of "I'll listen to you, I'll hear you out, I'll do this and that if you get better in dueling/if this forum gets on top". We're all human beings before we chose to become duelists. Even masters have to learn from their students.

Here's the document where many of us agree upon. It's regarding the choosing the next/another admin for this acad.


But this raises what I believe is the most important issue. You may agree with me or not. I mean, we have all these testing systems, and what not in the academy. We do this, launch this, test this, ban this, fight over this and there isn't even a outline of guidelines of rules, regulations- aka (even at least) a mini-constitution that are supposed to keep us in check, and help us resolve issues. I might be wrong, but I referred to the FAQ and saw little, if not none, that deals with the current issues our acad is facing now.

We don't have a page where we can show to the people we wanna recruit and say, "Hey man, check this out. If you wanna know about my acad, then this is what we're about!" All we have is this tagline, "WHERE ALL DUELISTS UNLOCK THEIR DESTRUCTIVE POTENTIAL."

But all real-life and virtual academies (dueling or not) have their own catchy taglines. Take for instance my uni's "Luceat lux vestra. Nuc et semper" (Let you light shine. Now and forever.) But the big and real question is: how? what do you have to offer? what are your core values/rules/protocols, etc?

Our newbies, can't get oriented by themselves when they can 'coz they'd have to talk to someone in the chatbox....which doesn't even always get filled now with the all the different yet hectic lifestyles we all have~! Some new rule/thing/decision is made and the least dissemination it gets is the admin saying it out of the chatbox-whose-archives-get-deleted-by-control-or-not, and when for instance a rule gets violated by some unknowing member who hasn't been logging in day in and day out, the least he/she receives is embarrassing his/herself.

And! Going back to selecting the next admin-by-number-of-recruits thing! Honestly, agreeing to that makes it sound like agreeing with the flawed, almost-corrupt (if not grossly corrupt) politicians or something like that. It's like, "you become leader because you can bring in the most money into the kingdom". Ah, but in the end after getting all those people in, the system comes crashing down and tearing up are all that anyone can do.

See where am going?? Question  bounce 

All this pahlooza mumbo jumbo (sorry for the terms) that is (whether the admins may admit it or not) threatening the quality and thus the survival of this academy is because we fail to have an agreed upon, dynamic, and well-posted and communicated constitution/charter (not to sound high or smart or anything like that). Doesn't mean your good in the dueling arena, you're good in everything.

The solutions to the fears of aamir-san and all other admins (I'm assuming), and to the grumbles members are having are very simple. We just have to listen to each other, talk it out like good people should and put those egos down in cryogenesis even it's just until things get sorted out the right way.

But then again, you can disagree. And I might be wrong.

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i absolutely agree, me and japan created that document and we are not finished by any means, but yeah i whole heartedly agree

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I agree with u

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