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D. D. A » Destructor Main Building » Classroom » abyss( a deck with strong potential power,do you know how deep the sea?)patrick deck guide(1)

abyss( a deck with strong potential power,do you know how deep the sea?)patrick deck guide(1)

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Abyss deck focus on discard monster to get effect, mermail is a part of abyss monster.lv4 abyss monster focus on discard a monster to get effect like abyss soldier and abysspike.lv 3 abyss monster gain swarm field effect when discard to graveyard or send to graveyard. All lv7 abyss monster can special summon by it own summon condition by discard a number of WATER monster which can trigger lv3 mermail effect,and continue to swarm field to xyz.

Abyss main monster


Abyss soldier and abyss warrior:
Ok, both have same atk and def, both cost is DISCARD a WATER monster, but abyss soldier will be better, run 0-1 abyss soldier, run some  soldier and warrior in side deck .(abyss warrior can use to fight deck like bujin)

Mermail abysslung,nose and mander
You better have your own strategy for use these three card,if you does not have,NEVER run it.

Mermail abysspike , turge
Ok,both have add card effect,spike add from deck and turge add from graveyard,spike is better, but turge also not bad,run 1-2


Mermail abysshilde and gunde
Hilde effect is special summon a monster from graveyard and gunde effect is special summon from hand,unfortunally,abysshilde cannot special summon itself by this effect,hilde normally use for pure deck and gunde use for swarm field,gunde will get more chance to use it effect if compare with hilde,but hilde can revive a mermail monster.both can get effect if discard by a card cost or effect,gunde effect just like dandylion,but this effect can miss timing. (I run hilde,but I suggest gunde.(run2-3)

mermail abyssdine
this card can make you more easily to summon abysstrite, this card special summon effect can easily trigger by some mermail monster to swarm field.

Mermail abysslinde
Run3, don’t ask why just run 3 in all abyss/mermail deck.

Mermail Abyssocea
A mermail monster trader, is not back to run it,it have 1900 def,and can trigger hilde effect too.


Megalo and teus
Both run 3,megalo can add abyss spell/trap(you probally will add sphere),teus can use for searh lv3,4 mermail monster to do continue the swarm strategy.

Need to discard three to special summon is too worty, but it have 2700 atk which is a good target of abyss sphere and xyz summon rank 7 boss gaios,so run 1 only.

Need to discard four mermail??? We wonder can summon this card or not, but it have a very good effect when you summon by discard four mermail, it can destroy many opponent card on field,if you want to use this card, you better plan some strategy and pray don’t get dead draw, it just like world of prophecy.(not recommend for this card, if you want run1,if you already have good strategy to summon it, try 2,or just summon it by sphere.


There three equip spell can only equip to a mermail monster and can send to graveyard as a cost to negate specifically card effect like mizuchi can only negate spell, it is also possible to form a lockdown by these equip card,I suggest cetus and mizuchi, put some in side deck.(run0-2)


Send a umi to send all spell/trap to graveyard,run 1-2 if you run lemuria.

Not bad, can active at damage step and when destroy in set position, can send a opponent monster to graveyard,run0-3

Can use for xyz,run 0-2,unfortunally, you must have three mermail to use this card,so I don’t run it.

Best trap card for mermail,can trigger many effect of mermail  monster and special summon a monster to xyz.ALWAYS run3.

Abyss Xyz monster

Abyss dweller
500 atk to all water monster when have materials and can stop effect from graveyard,a good card,since some abyss also lv4,run0-2(this card also a staple for rank 4 xyz monster)

A mermail protector,have 2800 def and can change target of opponent monster atk or spell/trap effect,not bad,run 1-2.

Boss of mermail, can negate effect and have 2700 atk, can form a lock down if combine with mermail equip spell.

to be continue.................

to be continued...........

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