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D. D. A » Destructor Main Building » Classroom » what kind of effects are there and how they work!

what kind of effects are there and how they work!

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technically there are 5 different types of effects for monsters. BUT im only going over the main 3 used and commonly seen.
so ima going to give a decent explanation on each.

1. Quick Effect: only Monster Effect that are Spell Speed 2.
saying that, they can chain too almost anything.
any effect that has "During either player's/your opponent's turn:" or similar text, is a Quick Effect.
these are chain able so please be aware they are not spell speed 3 and cannot chain to them.
but it "can chain to summon negation of cards." now this is where it gets tricky Exclamation 
Arrow so basically what the ruling says is, any effect that can do that is speed 2 and can chain to activations and negations of cards, en less speed 3 Exclamation

2. Trigger Effect: "Trigger effects are considered to be Spell Speed 1"
for the effect to happen the trigger must go off, as in for a monarch their effects are trigger effects cause the effect applies when tribute summoned.
another good example is:cards like sangan when it leaves the field you get a search, or reborn tengu when it leaves the field you gain effect.

3.Ignition Effects: theres not much on these but one way to explain them is..... Spell Speed 1 effects that require a activation by the card's controller during their own turn(IE m1 or m2).

now on a side note: if you want all the types of effects posted just let me know and i will get them up within the day!
and as always if you need anything just ask and i will do my best to explain it and post it.

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