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Split Face decks (Concept Lesson)

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1 Split Face decks (Concept Lesson) on Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:19 am

I've recently come up with something that I've only seen one other duelist kinda use and they weren't from this academy, So I thought I'd share.

The subject for this lesson is Blindsiding Siding (This means to take you opponent in a match by surprise and render their siding for that duel useless.)  "How can one do this?" you may be wondering, it's rather simple really, play two decks at once! :3

It's kinda like in the old anime when Yugi went up against Pegasus, the game maker who could read minds and thus render all face downs useless since he'd know what they were.  Yugi ended up beating him by switching places with Yami, his alter ego, immediately after placing the card face down, keeping Pegasus from knowing what it was he placed since Yami didn't know what is was either.

In this instance your deck is like Yugi, normally containing one 'personality,' the strategies and tricks you pack within it, let's say its one of those annoying insect decks, sure, you win once by landslide victory, but then your opponent takes the next two rounds and then the match after siding in Insect Barrier, Array of Revealing Light, and a few other good deterrents to insect themed decks.  This is where your deck's own "Yami" comes into play.  This time you win the first round by landslide victory, and your opponent is going to side in the aforementioned deterrent cards.  But when you side, you take out all the cards that are specifically insect related and side in something completely different, say Fire kings, and BAM! all of a sudden Insect Barrier is completely useless and Array of Revealing Light only covers a portion of your monsters because your opponent isn't battling insects anymore, they are battling Fire Kings!

In the example above, we can see the effectiveness of a Split Face deck in matches by catching your opponent off guard and ill-equipped, allowing you another landslide victory, and thus the match, in quite handy fashion.  This lesson was only covering the concept, since it requires a bit of double think and thus can be daunting for some to grasp, I'll be going into detail about constructing a Split Face in a later lesson.

~Caio Very Happy

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