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Archetypes 101: Photons Part 2

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1 Archetypes 101: Photons Part 2 on Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:42 am

Hello again to one and all! The guy with those mittens that probably should be checked on, RustyGloves here! Once again, we'll go off with the continuation of the Photon discussion.

First off, key cards. Depending on the variants, most will play Thrasher since he is a quick level 4 already out, and with the monsters you could make with him. Some decks may even play Crusher, but I don't consider him too much of a powerful card, especially due to his effect, so unless you play Skill Drain as well...you could play him, but I wouldn't. Now Galaxy Wizard...he is one of the best cards you can play in this deck. He is your searcher when you tribute him, and he's your quick rank 8 monster. Why else wouldn't you play him, despite his 0 atk? Razz And of course, you can't forget the legendary GALAXY-EYES PHOTON DRAGON. With stats of the unstoppable Blue Eyes, and the effects of an Anti-XYZ, there is no reason you wouldn't play him. Cards like Galaxy Expedition with Wizard or Photon Sanctuary are really good options to bring him out. You may also want to play Galaxy Knight, due to the fact that he can be normal summoned without tributes as long as there is a Galaxy/Photon monster already out, and the fact that he can return your 3000 atk Galaxy-Eyes.

Now, let's talk about side/tech cards that you can choose to run. One of the most common cards found in the deck is Shining Angel, which is used only at the expense of getting out combo cards like Wizard, Satellite, or maybe Lizard. But another interesting card to play is Photon Veil, which is great for rank 4 XYZ's if you run Crusher as well, or even rank 5's for a Thrasher/Crusher with Satellite being special summoned. Another interesting tech card against the current meta is Imperial Iron Wall, which is useful if you don't mind Galaxy-Eye's effect being stopped, and especially if you run Skill Drain just for the beatsticks Wink Other cards that may be great are Vanity's Emptiness with the Dragon on board, or maybe Lightray Gearfried, since you do run quite a bit of lights in the deck Smile (I've seen people play Swordsman of the Sealing Swords, which is also pretty decent to stopping OTKs). You can also opt in for Polymerization to get out Twin Photon Lizard, use his effect to Special Summon as greatly as two - count them - two Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragons. Other cards may include Galaxy Zero, Accellight, and more or less likely Dimensional Wanderer, although he's not worth his effect as much as other cards.

Now for combos. I'm probably going to only cover the rank 5/8 version (my deck Razz) mostly because it has some of the most diverse plays in the Photon archetype, and probably in general. One of my favorite plays is when you have a Slasher and a Satellite in your hand, with no monsters on the field. Special Summon Slasher, then normal summon Satellite. Use his effect on Slasher and BAM! Instant rank 5, with options like Pleiades, Tiras, Volcasaurus, you name it! This can also work with Slayer as long as there is an XYZ on the field. Another combo is when you have both Galaxy Wizard and Galaxy Expedition. Summon Wizard, use effect to make him level 8, and then use Galaxy Expedition. Get out your dragon, and presto, instant rank 8. As long as the monsters that need to use their effects aren't stopped, you should be in the clear. Some of the rarest combos I've made were when I already had Galaxy Wizard out, used his effect, and summoned Galaxy Knight. From that point, I had Galaxy Eyes already in the grave, used Knight's effect to bring him out, and then overlayed THEM ALL. NEO GALAXY-EYES PHOTON DRAGON!!! But enough of that, those are probably some of the combos you could play.

I don't like typically talking about match ups since every match up is based on your skill and luck as well as the opponents, but one of the most devastating decks against this are things like Evilswarms, Fire Kings, Hazy Flames, Herald, and basically everything else that can usually stop a lot of your plays. This deck wastes cards, so it's best to lure out traps and whatnot to assure a chance at victory.

That's all the time I have to discuss my knowledge on Photons! Leave a reply to request the newest Archetypes 101. This is Rusty, signing out! cheers 

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2 what about those steelswarms on Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:46 pm

steel swarms the forgotten swarm possible my favorite such good possibilities with this deck a bouncer is always is as well is a card to destroy those synchros from the grave so tell that stardust whore to go suck it they even have a tree born frog show the steel some love

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3 Re: Archetypes 101: Photons Part 2 on Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:43 pm

Why not mention support cards like Galaxy Zero, Accelight, Galaxy Queen's Light and more?

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4 Re: Archetypes 101: Photons Part 2 on Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:03 pm

maybe..... Number 45: Zombiestein to beat hard 4000 or less atd or def monster?

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5 Re: Archetypes 101: Photons Part 2 on Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:12 pm

Restia Minkasi wrote:maybe..... Number 45: Zombiestein to beat hard 4000 or less atd or def monster?
Zombiestein needs dark monsters.

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6 Re: Archetypes 101: Photons Part 2 on Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:41 am

Azaux wrote:Why not mention support cards like Galaxy Zero, Accelight, Galaxy Queen's Light and more?
Forgot about Queen's Light, but look again Wink

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