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D. D. A » Destructor Main Building » Off-topic » What was your first deck and what deck would you recommend to first time players?

What was your first deck and what deck would you recommend to first time players?

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Dat long title.

Anyway as the title says, what was the first deck you ever built. Usually this would be a "IRL Yu-Gi-Oh" thing but I guess the same question could count towards DN as well but I digress. So anyway guys, What was your first deck and would you recommend that deck to first time players? or would you recommend another deck?

My first deck was Six Samurai's (I started playing in March of 2013 so the Starter Deck was out at the time.) at first I thought Samurai's were pretty broken at first...Until I went to Locals the first time. But they were still good, they were fast, and with 3 Shien Smoke Signals they had a decent consistency.

Would I recommend Six Samurai's to new players? You bet. Samurai's may have not been as good as they used to be, but they're fun, and they're decent...not to mention extremely budget.

So fellow academy members, tell me and everyone else about your first deck, would you recommend it to new players?

Thanks for reading guys!

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Mine was a fire burn/stall deck. It basically had three solar flare dragons, three ufo turtles, 3 baseball kids, and maybe one or two raging flame sprites. To top it off, I had the combos of level limit area b and gravity bind, along with thestalos the fire monarch and the boss monster of that fire structure deck, whose name escapes me.

Would I recommend? Not really. This deck is not even there when it comes to the meta, but it stood a chance way back then. Now I doubt it stands a chance, so I recommend a decent control deck, but nothing too meta, like probably Heroic Challenger, which is only decent to my standards.

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My first deck was the Six Sam starter deck as well. But as for the first deck I built myself it would have to be Crystal Beasts. And I fell in love with them. I went to my locals 2 weeks after perfecting my build. I made top 4 out of like 20 people and I beat 2 people who topped 16 at YCS's before and they were running mermails. But as a deck to start off with I would recommend something like evilswarm or constellar as they both have very simple strategies. Evilswarm get ophion out and protect him. And constellars go omega and defy all backrow then Pleiades and bounce.

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my first deck was when I was 5 yrs old of using a lot of yugi's cards and some other cards. I used it to duel my uncle and learn to get better. now for deck recommendations is something that I should explain as a deck maker and from experience.

I suggest any kind of deck to a first timer. the reason why is because I believe depending on the person they could learn to play YU-GI-OH no matter what deck they use even if its an advanced deck. I got my gf into this game during my 9th grade of highschool and she decided to use dragunity's. during that time I figured to try to convince her but of course she didn't. she learned how to play with that deck and how to play yugioh within a week of using that deck.

so just from that I do believe any deck can be used for a first timer no matter how advanced it is because I believe anyone can learn yugioh no matter how advanced or beginnerish a deck is.

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MY first deck was one of beautiful plants.... mostly flowers...

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my first deck was a dinosaur aggro. I got the dinosaur structure deck that came out in 2007(?) and went full offensive. My advice on getting your first deck is find out what your playing style is, do some research, test it on dn, and then get it.

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7 I Used Elemental Hero on Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:44 pm

I used elemental hero because that was the only deck that i knew how to play it basically focused on fusions

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8 i would recommend... on Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:12 am

I would recommend exodia cuz its easier to win

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Archfiend Dorm
Archfiend Dorm
Socialgames wrote:I would recommend exodia cuz its easier to win

You should Kill yourself for even suggesting exodia

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