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For the Record, if having trouble finding the chatbox please note the following:

on the homepage site (www.destructoracademy.forummotion.com) the chatbox can only be seen under dueling network after you have logged in.
If on the forum site (www.destructoracademy.forummotion.com/forum) it is at the top after you have logged in

-By: DarkGaia
D. D. A

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wherever a soul needs reaping........ my DN username is !death!.
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delivering souls to the underworld and beyond.
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I am one of the 4 horsemen. You may know my brothers, War, Famine, and Pestilence. I am the one known as DEATH. I've been around since the begining, and I'll be there when it all ends. I am the Grim Reaper! so watch your soul. I'll be coming for it, for the appocolypse is now!
Angel of Death
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