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Ah, the memories...

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1 Ah, the memories... on Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:44 pm

Man...I dunno why I'm even posting here...

Many of you don't visit here anymore. If you do at all, I'm gonna guess it's just to reminisce. Anywho, I used to be here a long time ago and for some reason I wanna post here. I wanna tell anyone reading this where I've gone, where I am, what I've done. 'Cause all you guys, as well as a lot of others from when I was younger, mean a lot to me. You all helped me through tough times just by being you.

I remember one day in the chatbox, there was drama between strike neo and others. I remember an admin giving some people mod for a few seconds to mess around with it. I remember asking over and over for it, then I kicked strike neo from the chatbox. He rejoined and I got mod removed. Was pretty fun back then. Pretty simple.

Anyway, I guess I wanna start with how you guys, along with Yu-Gi-Oh! in general, really helped me back then. I came on every day to interact, to duel, to get away from a lot of things. Back then we were anonymous more than we were open about who we are, where we lived, what we did. But the internet's changed a bit, even since 2012.

My name was Jacob, I always went by me22 ('cept for duplicate accounts like me222, me333, and me4444, as well as one account called perpetualyouknowwhat:) ). I wasn't creative back then, but for the sake of nostalgia I've kept my username on DuelingBook. I always had fun with you guys and I always dueled, but my real life was pretty hectic. A hectic family, moving many times, a lot of bullies, and a lot of medication changes.

I've had no need for meds for years now (anti-depressants and things for ADHD and OCD). Family's great now, not estranged anymore either. I went from a kid who was figuring out the basics to someone who knows what they wanna do in life. At least for the next decade or two. I've been studying cyber security and game development, but I wanna become a teacher. Can you guess which subject? Yeah, computers. I'm also gonna be moving to Sweden in several years!

After my whole life being lived in New Jersey (aside from the first few months of my life living in Maryland, USA), it'll be a good change. I'm saving for a camera, too. And when I finally get one (fingers crossed it's soon...), I wanna start vlogging. Mostly nature vlogging (hiking, swimming and such), but also random life events. And I'm gonna be starting a YouTube channel with a few friends soon. Maybe if you guys are here and as nostalgic as me I'll post a link to it when we start actually making videos. I know SEnIoRKING was on today. Let's not say this word... I wish I didn't miss you.

I know I said my name was Jacob, and there's a reason for that. Some people think this is just me being another IN YOUR FACE kinda person, but I wanna share my life with any of you guys who are still here. I'm transgender, and I've been working towards a complete medical transition. So, my name is Emma now. That's enough of that, though.

When I was on here, I'm sure I was quirky. I definitely wasn't good at grammar (even now I'm not to best, although I'll try my best to be worse than normal for you guys. Period inside the parenthesis or outside, eh?) Anyway, I'm 19, studying general and specific computer subjects. Throughout my childhood I didn't really have friends so I spent it being a nerd! Since 2012 I've been studying a myriad of subjects: psychology, philosophy, ethics, morals, general computer science, cyber security, game development, GFX (or digital art, whatever you wanna call it), business, linguistics. I love to talk about them, so if you wanna chat those are good subjects for me! What do you like to study?

And I may be a nerd but I'll give myself some credit, I've found a way to be a lazy computer slouch while simultaneously having time to hike, run, bike, swim and adventure outdoors a lot. It's just a passion! I studied fashion a bit, too. But I still suck at it. And I still play Yu-Gi-Oh!! By the way:

Instagram: emma_yazz_aza
Twitter: Emma_Yazz_Aza
Facebook: /emma.yazz.aza

My real name IS Emma Yazz Aza, by the way! Has a meaning to it for me. I play some games but not many, love most games but don't stick to pretty much all of them, and I watch too much YouTube for my own good. So, who're you? How've you been? Wanna duel? I'm up for whatever!

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