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Worm Archetype

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1 Worm Archetype on Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:35 pm

Hello fellow duelists! I am starting a new discussion on an archetype that I find to be very interesting. Now, what is that archetype you may ask. The answer, is worms. Some background: Reptile-type worms are one of the largest archetypes in the entire game, consisting of twenty six monster support cards(worm drake not included, and two spell/trap support cards. Reptile-type worms are alien-like creatures, who apparently have a history with the ally of justice archetype, as seen in the descriptions provided by the Hidden Arsenal series. Each worm monster covers one letter of the alphabet. Now, I will not be covering every worm monster in this segment, only the ones I would potentially see in a more competitive build. First, I will begin with Worm Apocalypse, and continue through the list of "playable" worms alphabetically. Rating: 2.5/10
Worm Apocalypse is a flip effect monster with the following effect:FLIP: Target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy that target. Although worm apocalypse is not seen to frequently in the more competitive worm builds, it can serve as a nice tech choice. Pros: Spell/trap destruction=good/ reptile-type worm=works in conjunction with w nebula meteorite. Cons: Must destroy a spell/trap when flipped face-up, which may force you to destroy one of your own backrow in this backrow heavy deck. At 200 defense, apocalypse is extremely easy to beat over. Apocalypse is level 1, and this, does not synergize well with the main worms. Recommendation: Run 0 in a competitive worm build
The next worm monster I will be discussing is Worm Cartaros. Rating: 9/10. Worm Cartaros is a level 4 flip effect monster. The following is its; effect:FLIP: Add 1 Level 4 or lower Reptile-Type "Worm" monster from your Deck to your hand.
Worm Cartaros is generally seen at 2-3 in competitive worm builds and serves as the deck's stratos. Pros: A level 4 light reptile-type monster-rank 4 plays and works in conjunction with w nebula meteorite. Potential +1 from flip. Gets you to your xex yagan combo in a faster manner. Cons: At 500 def, Worm Cartaros, just like Worm Apocalypse is easily beaten over by even the weakest of monsters. Recommenation: Run 3 in a competitive worm build.
The next monster I will be discussing is a personal favorite of mine, worm jetelikpse. Rating: 7.5/10. Worm Jetelikpse is a level 3 flip effect monster, with the following effect:FLIP: When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard this turn: Special Summon it from the Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. Worm jetelikpse serves a few roles in a worm deck. First off, it's effect allows you to wall your opponent from dealing massive dmg on you. Secondly, he combos off nicely with w nebula meteorite and offering to the snake deity, as well as a combo involving waboku and offering to the snake deity. Lastly, he serves as a target for masked chameleon, a searchable, synchro play maker. Also, jetelikpse can be sent to the graveyard through the effect of worm xex. Pros: Good synergy with the deck, despite being level 3. Synchro plays. Nebula plays. Cons: 0 def. Level 3.
Recommendation: Run 0-2 in a competitive worm build. For the next monster, we have Worm King. Rating: 9/10. Worm King is a level 8 effect monster that allows you to destroy cards on the field through tributing worm monsters(He can tribute himself with his effect). You are probably pondering right now...Why a level 8 monster, they take 2 tributes and not only that they don't have much synergy with the level 4 worms. Why play it? To answer that, we head over to the pros: Special summon from the deck with w nebula meteorite, only 1 worm tribute to tribute summon from hand. 2700 atk is pretty nice, too. Cons: Dead Draw, despite the fact that it only takes worm to tribute summon. Recommendation: 1-2 in a competitive worm build.The next worm I will be discussing is worm linx. As I do not feel like going into all the details about worm linx and boring you, I will leave it at this, it is a below average card that should not be run in competitive worm builds, just like apocalypse. So, up next is Worm Tentacles, a level effect monster with this effect: Once per turn, you can remove from play 1 Reptile-Type "Worm" monster from your Graveyard. If you do, this card can attack twice during this turn's Battle Phase. Rating: 7.5/10. Worm Tentacles is good and in my opinion, all worm decks should run 1. Pros: Level 4 reptile-type worm monster. Makes the two card, xex nebula otk possible. GG with honest. Cons: Sure, he can atk fiercely, but besides allowing for the otk, he will sit in your hand and not be normal summoned often. Recommendation: Run 0-1 in a competitive worm build. Worm Xex is the next card I will discuss. Lv, 4 effect monster. Rating: 10/10. To speed things up: Sends worm from deck to grave. Can;t be destroyed by battle while you control face-up worm yagan. Pros: Amazing, core of the deck-sets up all combos. Cons: Nothing. Next up, worm yagan, xex's partner in crime. Rating: 10/10. Pros: Amazing: Combo with xex=+1. 1800 def=beefy. And now, the card we have all been waiting for, worm zero! Rating: 2.5/10 Pros: Amazing in unlimited unrated in conjunction with Future Fusion. Cons: Terrible card in advanced format. Lastly, we have W Nebula Meteorite. This card is what makes worms viable in competitive play. This godsend to worms contains everything worms needed, yes, all in this one card-Flip effects, draws, and a special summon. No need for a pro and con section. Only real con is that you draw without a worm monster to combo it off with.
If you would like to see what my current worm build looks like, feel free to pm me through DN!
Well that's all for this segment. Hope you all enjoyed!

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2 Re: Worm Archetype on Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:03 pm

you know worms are cool and all but planets have way more support it is just ban, worms have one the most broken xyz same with hunders if they running, kagetokage in the hunder deck, but best part it isnt a 'worm' card and if we are on that topic of who has the most support, look at dragons they still have a heavy the cost being you return one dragon on the field with 5 or more stars (Red eyes after using his effect, then just SS him again and go effect? good ok good cause you lose now), dragon decks have so much support they not just to one deck look at dragon rulers, blue eyes, baby dragon rulers, Chaos dragons, FTK dragon draw, where as worms have stun, otk worms and chaos worms. it is great deck and i give you A+ for believing in a deck and staying with it but dont ever say you have more support then dragons, and un-ban plants the reason plants where ban cause of fiber jar, that card was broken and didn't need support it was it support and win and being way over power, the only card back in the day to stop fiber jar was dark hole. Even that is pushing it

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